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    • Brochure

    • Products – Detailed information

      Textile rope:
      Natural fibre ropes (pdf)
    • Synthetic standard type twisted ropes (pdf)
    • Small size braided fibre ropes (pdf)
    • Fibre rope lifting slings (pdf)
    • Synthetic standard type square plaited ropes (pdf)
    • powerflote (pdf)
    • powerflote C (pdf)
    • ti-flex® (pdf)
    • pa plus (pdf)
    • dura winchline (pdf)
    • winchlines (pdf)
    • atlas® (pdf)
    • Jacketed parallel lay winchlines (pdf)
    • aracor (pdf)
    • dynaflex (pdf)
    • Fabrication (pdf)

    • Steel rope:
      Standard type ropes (pdf)
    • 6x36 dynasteel omni (pdf)
    • Jacketed (pdf)
    • Stainless steel (pdf)
    • CASAR® (pdf)
    • Python® Unirope Multilift (pdf)
    • Steel Rope lifting slings (pdf)
    • dynasteel lift (pdf)
    • dynasteel heavy (pdf)
    • dynasteel towline (pdf)
    • Fabrication (pdf)

    • End fittings:
      Thimbles (pdf)
    • Rope clips and wedge sockets (pdf)
    • Spelter sockets (pdf)
    • Demag (pdf)
    • Links (pdf)
    • Hoist hooks (pdf)
    • SK-System (pdf)
    • Lifting points (pdf)
    • Turnbuckles (pdf)
    • Shackles (pdf)
    • Snap hooks (pdf)
    • Stainless steel end connectors (pdf)

    • Chains & slings:
      Anchor stud link chains (pdf)
    • Round link steel standard type chains (pdf)
    • Lashing chains (pdf)
    • Chain lifting slings (pdf)
    • Lifting round and belt slings (pdf)
    • Lashing belts (pdf)
    • Products – Special areas

      Complementary products:
      Connecting devices & lifting gear (pdf)
    • Terrier lifting clamps (pdf)
    • Rope pulley blocks, rope sheaves (pdf)
    • Pfaff-silberblau lifting gear (pdf)
    • PIAB load measuring equipment (pdf)
    • Mooring/towing accessories (pdf)
    • Green Pin® quality connectors (pdf)
    • Rope protection (pdf)
    • Fenders, buoys (pdf)
    • Rope specials (pdf)
    • Canvas covers and tarpaulins (pdf)
    • Nets and net covers (pdf)
    • Person safety (pdf)
    • Tools, care products (pdf)
    • Catalogue

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